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I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Title: I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
Author:  theyreonlyword 
Summary: Adam runs into Pete in a bar in London and they fight about the message.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Well, it's the cultverse, so it's kinda creepy. Expect Pete the creeper, converting kids to his way of thinking, and being overly paranoid. Also, swearing.
Disclaimer:  Not mine, not real, sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.
Author's Notes: Inspired by this interview (if you zoom in it's pretty easy to read). Because, honestly, why would Adam Lazzara and Pete Wentz be fighting in London? I mean, they were on Warped Tour together in 2004 (with My Chemical Romance) so it's not like it's impossible for them to have met before, but still.

They're in London, after a show, hanging out in a bar when Adam sees Pete.
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Am I Too Lost To Be Saved

Evanescense Cultverse, y/n/WTF/Where can I get what you're smoking?

This is what happens when I rediscover my Inner Emo Highschooler after being warped by the Cultverse

Amy and Ben meet at a youth camp and Ben is drawn to her pretty voice and piano skills. They discover a ~kindred spirit~ in eachother, and they decide to Save people through music. They don't want to be Christian Rock! There are 'creative differences' and Moody leaves the band mysteriously. There's a revolving door of band members, one who was served a Gag Order to keep him from talking about getting fired! Also, have you listened to their lyrics? TOTALLY CULTY!

Someone please talk me out of writing this.
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once youd gone there was never never an honest word

Title: once youd gone there was never never an honest word
Author: snugglebud_x3
Rating: PG-13
POV: 3rd, Patrick's
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Summary: Patrick, though. The biggest traitor of all. His voice, his best friend, working against everything Pete ever stood for.
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
A/N: This spawned from hearing this song (viva la vida - coldplay) on the radio. I can't get over the lyrics in this song, seriously. Part two-ish thing to this, kind of.

It's funny, Patrick thinks, how nobody trusts anyone else anymore.
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that was when i ruled the world

Title: that was when i ruled the world
Author: snugglebud_x3
Rating: PG-13
POV: 3rd, Pete's
Pairing: implied Pete/Patrick, not-really sort-of Pete/Ashlee
Summary: He's dog shit on the feet of Rolling Stone. He's the garbage AP puts in their dumpsters every night. He's not even a fucking hot dog to fanzines. He's worth nothing, basically.
Warnings: cultverse. implied suicide, depending on how you interpret.
Disclaimer: This isn't true.
A/N: This spawned from the iTunes comercial, would you believe?

never an honest word
under the bright lights [tom; empires]

Metro Station cultverse!

With summer coming close, along with a great number of tours beginning and ending, I thought it'd be nice to write a Metro Station cultverse as my summer project (especially since they've toured with Cobra and the Cab).

My request is for anything at all regarding Metro Station. I know the basic Metro history and a few primers out there, as well as that one L.A. Times article, but much more would be great. Anything at all you can offer, anything. I'd even love to throw ideas back and forth with someone or co-write with them. :D

For inspiration, I have the lyrics to one of Metro Station's songs, Control. I can upload the song as well. This song screams to me of Trace Cyrus taking the Cobra. >___>