uh_whyagain (uh_whyagain) wrote in cultverse,

Is it just me who thinks that Nightwish are fucking perfect for this 'verse? the music is tailored to the sweeping vision of one man, although the voice has changed. But I think it would be really interesting if it all kind of happened by accident. Tuomas Holopainen originally wanted to be a marine biologist before music 'took over', after all. If I have time, I wanna write fic (okay, random snippets of fic) where he was in love with Tarja, and then after the ~drama he falls for Anette and is like WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN TO MEEEE, and meanwhile he is trying to make the world a more beautiful, innocent place through the strategic use of orchestras. IT COULD WORK.

 I also have weird, unformed ideas about unrequited Tuomas/Marco. Why do I like torturing Tuomas so much?

Anyway, whaddaya think?
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